Six most useful tips when doing web design

TypographyDesigning a website is very challenging for many. There are many things that a web designer must consider in order to be effective in making the website’s look nice and attractive to its readers. People who are just new to the task of designing a website are often confused of what to do first. Below is the list of the six most useful tips for anyone who wants to enter the web design industry.

1. Always start designing with shades gray then add other color.

Knowing the value of the shades of gray will surely be of great help with you as a website designer. You should make your wireframe gray scale visual design then add the photographs. After adding the photograph, add the color to design the elements one at a time. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of an overdesigned website and place the prominence on the content and items in your website.

2. If you are using a MacBook, us the Keynote to make rapid page prototypes.

You do not always need the help of Photoshop in order to create landing pages, website’s rapid prototypes call to actions and many web interfaces. What you can try to use is the Keynote. There is actually an entire underground movement that supports the use of Keynote in making mock-ups. The Keynote will be a very useful tool to you because you it is an online repository which contains many user interface design templates that you can use for prototyping, wireframing and testing web and mobile apps.

3. Make sure to add web fonts in the corporate style guide.

It is already 2016, so if the corporate style guide that you have doesn’t contain web fonts, then it is now the time for you to be worried for your future as a web designer. You can get amazing web fonts in Google Fonts. Google Fonts is a nice place to start if you are just a newbie. Using Google Fonts, pick a nice web font and include it in the corporate style guide.

4. Ditch the carousel or slideshow.

The homepage image or slideshow carousel became a fashion for a number of years already. The slideshow is a way for the website owner to inform the readers of what the whole website has even just after looking in the first page. However, the effect of the slideshow was not good to others. The problem that other faced is that most of their readers did not stay on the website long enough after seeing the slideshow. That is why it is now advisable to ditch the slideshow because it will most likely make the website’s visitors leave the page.

5. Simplify the website’s navigation.

Reducing the visitor’s navigation can actually help you make your visitors see the most productive content of the website. Rather than putting a lot of links in every page of the website, it is highly advisable that you just simplify the navigation. Avoid using multi-tier dropdown and dropdown minus navigation which only most the most experienced mouse users can navigate. Make your website friendly to all kinds of computer users in order to ensure a higher traffic for the website. Also, the reader of the website will most likely stay longer in the website if there are fewer links in the sidebar or header of the website.

6. Get color combination from nature.

Finding the perfect color combination for all of the websites you are designing can really be hard sometimes. One of the ways to find the perfect color combination is by using the colors of nature. You do sightseeing and take photographs of the natural wonders around your town. If you have limited time, you can just find landscape photos in the internet. Upload or download the picture in your computer and then use the color picker to choose the color that you want. Remember that the nature’s color palette will never fail you.

Indeed, there are many things that you need to try in order to make an attractive and perfect web design for your readers. Being able to apply the six most effective tips when doing web design will surely help you in making a big step forward. So make sure to try all the things in the list and you will surely be amazed by how amazing your website will be!